Government advised to preserve historic sites in Old Dhaka

DHAKA, Sept. 20 — Dhaka, the main city and biggest town of Bangladesh with around 15 million people, offers a lengthy and glorious story of evolution that left out 100s of structures and structures with ornate architecture.

However, many historical and historic sites and structures, some dating back to 400-five centuries, are now being destroyed or gradually being gobbled up by giant property designers and converted into commercial areas.

The town, founded throughout the tenth century, has offered being an urban center within the Sultanate period from 1206 to 1526 AD. Additionally, it offered because the Mughal capital of Bengal from 1526 to 1757. Prior to being absorbed through the British in 1765, it had been a buying and selling center for British, French, and Nederlander businessmen.

Following the partition asia in 1947, Dhaka grew to become the executive capital of East Pakistan and then, in 1971, the main city from the independent Bangladesh. In 1982 the spelling from the city was transformed from “Dacca” to “Dhaka”.

Many historic sites and structures like the Lalbag Fort, Ahsan Manzil not so long ago. However the designers gradually snapped up el born area destroyed all of the old structures. Today there’s no old building as reminder in this region,Inch Krishna stated.

In order to save that old Dhaka, Islam stated the Bangladesh government must take more urgent measures. “What we should require is a sustainable development way to be started through the government in order to save that old Dhaka,” he stated.

The federal government must take the correct administrative measures to make sure that all sites with historic and ancient importance not only to Dhaka but through the country ought to be maintained and maintained for the following generation.

“Dhaka is among the ten biggest metropolitan areas on the planet and should be the 4th biggest city by 2025 but it is hard to think about Dhaka like a global city. To make Dhaka a worldwide city, we must produce a new image and preserve its heritage,” Islam stated.

To produce a new image, he stated there’s no alternative but to safeguard heritage sites, which could really make Dhaka among the gorgeous metropolitan areas around the globe.

“It might be nice gift for the following decades, when we may bring back the pomp and glory from the Old Dhaka,” Islam stated.[db:内容2]

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