“Gold” selected as Kanji of the season in Japan

OSAKA, 12 ,. 12 — “Kin”, the kanji for gold or money, was selected as character of the season this year in Japan on Wednesday.

Kanji of the season is really a Chinese character representing the social conditions in Japan or World of the season that is introduced through the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation, located in the ancient Japanese town of Kyoto, around the “Kanji’s day”, December 12.

The ultimate selection result was introduced in a ceremony locked in Kiyomizu-dera (Pure Water Temple) in which the mind priest calligraphed on large size Japanese paper calculating 150 x 130 centimeters.

The organizer stated the smoothness “Kin” very represents the 2010 central subjects, like the winning of the year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine by Japanese researcher Shinya Yamanaka, you use 38 medals acquired by Japanese sports athletes in the London Olympics, probably the most the nation has ever won, as well as an annular photo voltaic eclipse observed across the nation in May.

The building blocks also stated a number of political discussions about changing tax system and “money” scams reported frequently this season within the newspapers as the second reason behind the option.[db:内容2]

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