“Going beyond” artists group exhibits

A new exhibition has opened in Beijing to showcase the work of a group of young artists entitled “Going Beyond.” — A new exhibition has opened in Beijing to showcase the work of a group of young artists entitled “Going Beyond.”
The group comprises of nine artists with a variety of styles, from large portraits and landscape paintings to intricate pen-work and sculpture. The artists have already been presented at major exhibitions in China and abroad, and have been picked up by prominent collectors. The group is now in its second year, yet some of the artists have joined only recently.
At the opening ceremony, curator Susan Wang explained that the name “Going Beyond” represents the desire of artists to transcend the mundane experiences of their everyday lives and reach a more spiritual place. As many of the artists are practicing Buddhists, it has the religious connotation of ‘going to the other shore’, but also the wider significance of a spiritual homecoming.
“We often feel that we are restricted in our daily lives. We are always searching for a comfort to our soul. The artists, through their skill, have helped to capture this spiritual pursuit,” she said.
The exhibition is taking place at Café Bene, in Beijing’s Shuangjing area, an area which has become well-known for its outside art installations, museum and showcasing of new artists.
Nan Wang, from Café Bene, who welcomed the exhibition as part of the ‘Artists’ Residence Program’ said, “The aim of these events is very simple. We want to give these young artists a platform to display their talent.”
Li Muzi, the first artist to be discovered by the curator following his graduation from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, said, “I have been drawing and painting since a very early age. I am always searching for new ways to express my creativity.”
One of the other artists, Li Qing, was formerly a systems engineer at Cisco, but chose to move away from this path to concentrate on his art. “I had always been working on art in my spare time and after work,” he said. “To me, everything around us has life that can be depicted.”
The exhibition will run from Oct. 13 to Dec. 12 at Café Bene. The artists represented are Bi Liwei, Ji Futang, Li Muzi, Li Qing, Liu Bo, Liu Rongfeng, Shi Weigeng, Wei Luyao and Zhang Zhizhou.