Gaokao gets accepted by overseas universities

By Jin Zhu in Beijing and Li Xiang in Paris
BEIJING, Feb. 24 — International horizons have opened up for students sitting the national college entrance exam as an increasing number of overseas universities accept the exam’s scores, according to educational analysts. Millions of Chinese students sit the exam, also known as gaokao, every year but only a select few enter the top domestic universities.
“The situation has changed as more foreign universities accept that Chinese students with high gaokao scores are qualified to sit in world-class classrooms,” said Zhang Feng, marketing manager for Australia and New Zealand projects at EIC Group, an overseas study consultancy.
Up to 60 percent of colleges and universities in Australia now accept gaokao results after the University of Sydney led the way in 2012, he said.
Students need to submit their gaokao scores, and if these are accepted, they have to satisfy English language proficiency requirements before enrolling.
For instance, the University of New South Wales launched its gaokao policy this year, with its entry requirements based on the percentage average of all attempted subjects in the exam.
Students from provinces with a maximum gaokao mark of 750, are required to achieve scores ranging from 600 to 660 [db:内容2]

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