Gala evening celebrating ChinaU.S. friendship staged in Dallas

DALLAS, Sept. 29 — A gala evening celebrating the friendship between China and the United States was staged Sunday in Dallas, the third-largest city in the southern U.S. state of Texas.
At the Majestic Theater in central Dallas, more than 1,700 people watched the two-hour show, a display of Chinese signature art forms from acrobatics and mask-changing to folk songs and dance performances.
The exquisite skills of the elite performers had the audience marveling, and sparked waves of applause throughout the show.
The “Jar Juggling” act impressed spectators as performers flipped high a huge china jar, catching it on the neck or the top of the head and balancing it on its brim, all without using hands.
Another performance that the audience found particularly incredible was by a slender girl who spun hundreds of hula hoops simultaneously with different parts of her body.
Meanwhile, U.S. performers added radiance to the lineup by presenting a Wrangler dance full of Texan flavor.
At the end of the show, a duet performed with the perfect, yet unexpected, match of the Chinese folk instrument Suo Na and an American guitar also struck a chord with the audience.
The Chinese Consul General in Houston, Xu Erwen, said during a speech at the show that China-U.S. friendship is destined to prosper and harvest when rooted in communication between the two peoples.
Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas City Tennell Atkins and Addison City Mayor Todd Mier echoed the important role played by Dallas in the Sino-U.S. bilateral relationship.
Former U.S. President George W. Bush and Texas Governor Rick Perry also sent congratulatory letters and wished the show success.[db:内容2]