First BRICSUNESCO Ministerial Consultation Meeting on Education kicks off in Paris

PARIS, Nov. 5 — The first BRICS-UNESCO Ministerial Consultation Meeting on Education kicked off Tuesday at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, providing a platform for educational officials to establish closer cooperation in education.
The meeting attracted educational ministers and government officials from the five BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), who will in the two-day meeting deliver speeches or involve in discussions to exchange ideas or share experiences in the area of education in each of their individual countries.
The meeting was organized on the initiative of UNESCO and the current president of the BRICS countries, South Africa, in response to the results of the meetings of the BRICS leaders.
The consultation meeting highlights the cooperation of the BRICS countries in the field of education, as well as the need to interact with UNESCO, with an aim to make joint efforts in defining the post-2015 international development agenda in global education.
According to Chinese Minister of Education Yuan Guiren, the five BRICS countries are facing with the same missions, such as accelerating development, access to national prosperity and well-being of the people. To achieve all these objectives, it depends critically on improving the quality of education, said the Chinese minister.
The BRICS educational ministers will dialogue with UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova on Wednesday to seek ways to strengthen cooperation between the BRICS and UNESCO in the domain of education.[db:内容2]

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