Feature: Eastern Sudan neighborhood narrates culture of Beja tribe

PORT SUDAN, Sudan, Nov. 20 — Known as “Beja’s Omdurman,” the Daim Arab neighborhood is a gathering spot for the chieftains and members of Beja tribe, the biggest population group in eastern Sudan.
Located in Port Sudan, the capital city of the Red Sea state, Daim Arab is embracing the inauguration of a tourist and market festival slated for later this week.
Besides being famous for its market, the neighborhood is deemed as a council for tribal chieftains, a cultural forum, a folklore exhibition and a place for entertainment, such as singing and dancing.
“Daim Arab neighborhood is the main place where members of the Beja tribes gather. We come here to see one another at the market of the neighborhood,” Osman Mohamed Adam, a prominent Beja tribesman known as “Aswad,” told Xinhua.
“We have a council at Daim Arab where we discuss the conditions of our tribe, get the news about its members and find solutions for the issues facing some of the tribe’s sons. In short, the market is like a parliament for Beja,” he noted.
At Daim Arab’s market, everything shows the heritage and history of Beja. The people in the market wear white garments and carry swords in their hands. They let their hair grow and put a Khulal (a wooden comb) in it.
Omdah (Chieftain) Mussa Mohamed Mussa, a native administration leader of Beja tribe, sat in front of a cafe surrounded by hundreds of tribe members at a council meeting aimed at settling some disputes among the tribe’s young men.
The Omdah would get to know the causes of the issue through some administration leaders before issuing his ruling, which is not subject to appeals.
“This council is based on Judiyah (reconciliation) to settle the issues of the disputants without intervention from the local authorities,” Omdah Mussa told Xinhua. “The council stands on the tribal norms and what we have inherited from our ancestors.”
Meanwhile, Daim Arab market also attracts special and qualitative gatherings of politicians, sportsmen, poets, singers, community stars and figures of culture, arts, folklore and heritage.
Moreover, Daim Arab is the biggest producer of swords, knives and other men accessories in eastern Sudan.
“The tourist and market festival will contributed to promoting Beja tribe’s civilization, heritage, traditions and culture as well as the flourishing of Daim Arab market, the biggest in Port- Sudan,” Omdah Mussa said.[db:内容2]

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