Feature: Chinese ethnic cultural performance praised in Vietnam

HANOI, Jan. 11 — “It was such an amazing performance, with unique cultural features of different ethnic groups in China,” a Vietnamese audience praised.
The China Ethnic Art Troupe on Friday evening presented a colorful cultural performance in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi to welcome the upcoming lunar New Year festival as well as to boost cultural ties.
“I have once studied in China for five years, but had no chance to watch such an impressive performance like this. Songs and dances reflected different characteristics of Chinese ethnic minorities. This is really an opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture,” Bui Thu Thuy, 30, told Xinhua.
Hundreds of audiences gathered at Hanoi Opera House to enjoy the performance of 32 artists from nearly 20 Chinese ethnic groups.
“This is the first time I watch Chinese artists’ performance. They gave me a great impression, especially on the occasion of the upcoming lunar New Year festival,” Nguyen Thi Minh, 50, said.
“The program, Colorful China, is a brand and also considered as a cultural ambassador. The performance has been presented in more than 100 countries and regions in the world to introduce Chinese culture to global audiences,” said Wu Jinguang, deputy director general of Department of International Exchanges at China ‘s State Ethnic Affairs Commission.
As the lunar New Year festival is celebrated in both Vietnam and China, the performance is also a New Year wish from Chinese ethnic artists to Vietnamese audiences, Wu said.
Colorful China, a brilliant performance of ethnic song, dance and musical instruments, received great applause from Vietnamese audiences.
“I like the dance ‘Thousand-hand Guan Yin’ most. This performance is very impressive and beautiful,” Thuy praised.
Meanwhile, Hoang Bich Hoa, a 32-year-old bank clerk, said she was impressed with the musical performance. “Chinese culture has many similarities with Vietnamese. I am looking forward to seeing more performance like this in Vietnam.”
Ma Mingqiang, secretary general of China-ASEAN Center, said culture is one of the most important fields in the pragmatic cooperation between China and ASEAN.
“As the prelude of the year of cultural exchange between China and ASEAN in 2014, I hope that the performance will further strengthen ties and promote mutual understanding between China and ASEAN including Vietnam,” Ma said.
Kong Xuanyou, Chinese ambassador to Vietnam, said the cooperation between China and Vietnam has made remarkable achievement in the past year, especially people-to-people exchange.
“The performance represents Chinese warm-hearted greetings to Vietnamese people,” Kong said.
Before coming to Hanoi, the art troupe has performed in Cambodia and southern Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City.[db:内容2]

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