Every fourth sixyearold boy in Germany needs speech teaching

BERLIN, Dec. 20 — More and more children of preschool age in Germany need professional help in learning to speak before starting school, with boys in majority, a new scientific survey reported Friday.
Around 67.7 percent of all speech therapy services in Germany are prescribed to children and adolescents up to 15 years old, according to the remedy report 2013 released here by the Scientific Institute of the Federal Association of Health Insurance Funds AOK (WIdO).
Preschool boys in Germany are especially in need of support in learning to speak, said the report, giving that every fourth six-year-old boy was in a speech therapy treatment in 2012, whereas only one in five girls of the same age received a treatment.
The rates have kept going up continuously since 2007 when the proportion of boys and girls receiving speech therapy services stood at 21.2 percent and 14.7 percent respectively.
“We have observed that every year more and more children need temporary therapeutic support for a healthy, age-appropriate development,” said Helmut Schroeder, Deputy Managing Director of WIdO.
As the report suggests, the most common indication is “speech disorders prior to the completion of language development” with a share of 53 percent, followed by “speech disorders after completion of language development” recorded at 13.1 percent and treatments due to articulation disorders at 9 percent.
The continuously increasing amounts of prescriptions, especially in speech therapy for children, suggested that more should be done to meet the specific requirements in the transition from kindergarten to primary school.
“Behavioral measures and proportionate preventive measures in kindergartens and in schools are just as importanat as at home to prevent health disorders at an early age,” said Schroeder.
In the 2013 report, the WIdO registered around 35 million remedy recipes that have been issued by doctors in 2012 for about 70 million insured people in Germany under the statutory health insurance (GKV).[db:内容2]

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