Egypt opens Khafre pyramid, 6 tombs for site visitors

CAIRO, March. 11 — Egypt’s Condition Minister for Antiquities Mohammad Ibrahim on Thursday introduced in Giza governorate the outlet of Khafre pyramid’s inner tomb to site visitors, together with six other tombs dating back that old Kingdom.

“After it had been closed for 3 years for restoration. We’re re- opening within the pyramid and also the tombs today, to inspire tourism with this coming winter, which is a peak season,” the minister stated in a press conference, adding another monuments within the Haram area should be opened up soon.

The remodeling works incorporated repairing the inscriptions within the graveyards and paving the methods resulting in them, besides maintaining the ventilation system within the pyramid.

Within the necropolis west from the pyramid, that is about 4,five centuries old, five tombs were opened up, such as the tomb of Kah Am Ankh who had been recognized to manage the strategies of the kings’ documents.

Meanwhile, within the necropolis east from the pyramid, the tomb of King Cheop’s daughter Meresankh was opened up. Meresankh tomb is thought to become the most amazing tomb within the Haram monument area.[db:内容2]

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