Services for Disabled Travellers

Services for Disabled Travellers

Making tourism in Beijing welcoming for all, there is nothing better than being pack up and ready to experience real ancient historical wonders, scenery and etc. Some travellers think Disabilities can make travelling difficult,especially if one is heading off the beaten track, that’s not true. Beijing now has Specially-designed and equipped facilities in public areas of Transports, Airports and Hotels for disabled travellers to find Beijing welcoming. Below are some tips for disabled travellers to Beijing.

Tips for disabled travellers to Beijing

Planning: Travelling can sometimes be stressful if you fail to plan out everything in details, so make sure to gather more information regarding to your place of destinations, their accessible facilities for disabled travellers

Medical Advice: It is advice to seek advice and suggestions from your physician about your trip to Beijing. And also don’t forget to take your physician’s name and telephone number since he or she can be contacted in any emergency.

Be Technical with Equipment: Moving around wheelchairs and scooters maybe hard if you don’t know how it’s operated or when there is faulty, so a few spare parts, basic tools and instruction manual may comes in handy. From hearing aids to sonar canes, learn how your equipment works and is supposed to be dismantled, cleaned or stored. Know what batteries it uses and, if possible, bring a spare.

Help the Sighted help you: Traveller with visually impaired can make trip to Beijing easier by thinking like a sighted person. Try to have all directions, hotel names, Travel agents and even your embassy’s information written down for others to read and help you out.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help: Chinese people are friendly and always happy to provide aid to someone who needs it, so don’t be afraid to ask for they help.

Be on Time: It’s is advisable to at the airport earlier to allow enough time for check in.

Insurance Policy: Make sure to re-check your health to see if your insurance policy still covers that.

Booking: When booking with travel agency make sure to disclose your disability so that an arrangement can be made for you. For airline travel reserve in advance, and explain your disability, and also never forget to ask about disability services on board.