Coparenting increasingly popular in the Netherlands

THE HAGUE, Dec. 13 — Co-parenting has become increasingly popular in the Netherlands, research conducted by the Utrecht separation researcher Ed Spruijt showed Friday.
Co-parenting is an arrangement in a divorce or separation by which parents share legal and physical custody of a child or children.
In the Netherlands, 27 percent of parents share child custody with their ex-partner. Children live part-time with their father and mother. In 2010, only 20 percent of the parents shared custody. In 2000, this number was only 5 percent.
Children who live with co-parents tend to do well on the whole. “The key thing about co-parenting is that the ex-partners are less likely to get involved in quarreling than other divorced parents,” Spruijt was quoted as saying.[db:内容2]

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