Chinese Tea; Buying Chinese Tea in Beijing Shopping Markets

Buying Chinese Tea in Beijing Shopping Markets

Buying Chinese Tea in Beijing Shopping Markets

Tea is not just a simple beverage, but a living piece of ancient Chinese culture. It is simple to prepare, but has endless varieties and styles which keep connoisseurs addicted.

It is a wonderful way to truly feel Chinese culture and the best part is you can take it with for your friends and family.

tea set
You can buy a tea set in shops of Beijing Tea Street, so that you can drink green tea like a Beijing local.

making tea
Making tea is not just throwing a tea bag into a saucer, then adding hot water. There are a lot to be learnt.

Top 4 Beijing Shopping Markets for Chinese Tea

Here, we list the top 4 Beijing shopping markets selling the high-quality and various types of Chinese tea. This page is aiming to narrow your choices.

Just scroll down to select a perfect one, and move to shop.

Beijing Tea Street 5 star

Beijing Tea Street

With tea being one of the luxury products produced in China, it is now going through a renaissance with the burgeoning Chinese upper class. In Beijing, Maliandao Tea Street thrums from dawn to dark with processions of tea lovers, all intoxicated by its smell and savor.
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Beijing Yandai Xiejie5 star

Beijing Yandai Xiejie

Yandai Xiejie, located in an 800-year old hutong neighborhood that has not been bulldozed for the Olympics or otherwise, you can get a feel for an ancient neighborhood while browsing through antiquities, minority shops and art galleries.
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Beijing Hongqiao Market 5 star

Beijing Hongqiao Market

Actually, the name of Hongqiao Pearl Market is a little bit misleading, because it offers much more than just pearls in its four-story building, and provides everything from bags, shoes, clothes, silk, to seafood, and digital products.
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Beijing Yashow Market 5 


Beijing Yashow Market

Yaxiu Market, also known as Ya show market, located on Chaoyang District, is an indoor 4-floor store, just like the Silk Market. It is the clothing bazaar for Beijing locals, so the prices are much lower.
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