Chinese Embassy in S. Africa holds reception to mark National Day

PRETORIA, Sept. 27 — The Chinese Embassy in South Africa on Friday held the National Day reception in Pretoria to celebrate the 64th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.
Tian Xuejun, Chinese ambassador to South Africa, said the Chinese people had been working very hard to create a rapid economic development and in the future China will focus on resource conservation and environmental protection.
“Driven by science and technology innovation .. , China’s economy will open up the Season Two of that miracle.”
The ambassador said the Chinese people are on the great journey of China dream, a dream for peace, openness, development and win- win outcomes.
“To fulfill the dream, we need the understanding and support from people all around the world, and will continue to, at the same time, bring great opportunities to world peace and development,” said Tian.
The ambassador hailed a great success for the last 15 years in developing diplomatic relations between South Africa and China, saying China is willing to make joint efforts with South Africa promote local development.
South Africa Deputy Minister of Public Works Jeremy Cronin congratulated China for the achievements in the past decades, wishing an even brighter future for China.
He said bilateral relations have developed quickly in the past 15 years and that the two countries have a comprehensive strategic partnership. China, as South Africa’s largest trading partner, does not see South Africa as a raw material producer as in the old model, while South Africa exports to China some high value-added goods.
The reception was attended by 400 guests including South Africans, foreign diplomats and local Chinese.[db:内容2]