China to boost safety in kindergartens, rural boarding schools

BEIJING, Sept. 28 — Efforts is going to be designed to improve safety management in schools, especially kindergartens and rural boarding schools, China’s vice minister of your practice stated Friday.

The ministry will even take measures for the utmost safety in various parts of school management, including food safety, epidemic prevention, chartered bus safety and campus fire control, Vice Minister of your practice Du Yubo stated throughout a public conference on school safety communication which was broadcast in Beijing and a pair of,700 areas round the country.

Du stated that the amount of accidents in schools has decreased because of efforts produced by educational departments whatsoever levels and schools recently.

However, school safety management still must be enhanced, because it faces challenges from disasters and also the social situation, Du stated, adding that educational departments and schools should still shoulder down to making certain safety around schools.

Du recommended that relevant departments and schools should further legal education and bear security operate in mind to be able to adequately promote safety around schools.

On Sept. 28, Wu Yechang, 25, used a lengthy knife to fight 16 children in a care center in Pingnan County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, killing three children and hurting 13 others.[db:内容2]