China North International Shooting Range Beijing Tour

China North International Shooting Range Tour

China North International Shooting Range, located about 1.5 kilometers away from the west of Nankou Town, Changping District, surrounded by tourist attractions like Ming Tombs, the Badaling Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall, is the first and largest of its kind in China for tourist and public entertainment purposes with an area of more than 300 acres.

A Review of China North International Shooting Range

If you’ve seen all the sites in Beijing and still want a fun day out doing something you’ve probably never done before then a trip to the shooting range is a great idea. As much as I deplore guns there is still a lot of primal enjoyment to be had from just blasting some deadly weapon at nothing in particular.

Good range of weapons from pistols, rifles, shotguns and snipers, to full-automatics and even heavy artillery. They’ve got all the famous ones, as the previous reviewer said – the AK, M16, magnum, desert eagle, AUG. The range includes lots of chinese-made weapons which the assistants are quite keen to show off to customers.

I’ve been there a couple of times now. I even took my parents and they loved it. I was surprised the last time I went that the assistants all seem to speak very good english and will explain everything to you quite clearly.. so despite it being quite difficult to find if you were on your own, they must get quite a lot of tourists.

The prices are usually about 4-8 kuai per bullet for the pistols, 8-15 for the rifles, 15 for the shotgun, and if you want to fire the anti-aircraft cannon then you have to ‘shell’ out over 1200kuai for 8 shells which you can ‘blow’ all at once. I just fired a clip on a chinese pistol (cheaper), a rifle, a sniper, and a few goes on the shotgun and it came to about 350 kuai per person altogether. It takes about an hour to get through all that.

They also have a paintballing course.

You can take a bus from xizhimen from changping and then from there get another bus which goes directly to the shooting range. can’t remember the numbers but one of them has a 9 in it. i think.

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