China Focus: Tibetans observe “Year water Lizard”

LHASA, February. 11 — Trashi Dondrup woke up at 4 a.m. on Monday for his change like a security officer in the entrance method of Pargor, Lhasa’s major commercial street which circles Jokhang Temple.

Assisted with security products and computer systems, Dondrup and the co-workers confiscated harmful products like matches from site visitors.

“This is actually the first day’s the Tibetan Year. Large crowds of Buddhist followers and vacationers will flock here. We must be cautious in security inspections to defend against dangers,” stated the Tibetan guy and keep a grin for each customer.

Tibetans accepted the “Water Lizard Losar” on Monday, that is New Year’s Day within the Tibetan calendar. The Tibetan Year this season is just one day aside from the Spring Festival, or even the Lunar Year, which falls on February. 10.

Festivities from the Tibetan Year usually continue for 15 days.

Pasang, a person from the No. 19 bus in Lhasa, stated there have been a lot more people originating from rural regions of Tibet towards the regional capital on Monday in comparison to regular days.

The 38-year-old guy expressed envy for individuals who are able to spin prayer wheels and pay pilgrimages to temples in Lhasa. But due to his work, he only had two slow days throughout 2012 holiday.

“It ought to be a contented day for everyone. My favorite wish would be to give people a secure and fast bus journey,” he stated, beaming from ear to ear.

Tsering Puntsog showed up at Jokhang Temple just like the day broke.

The 25-year-old Buddhist became a member of the lengthy queue snaking gradually in to the temple to worship the statue of Shakyamuni.

Pungtsog offered ghee and “hada,” a strip of raw silk and linen, to Buddha while wanting for any prosperous and healthy Year for his family.

“I realize that temples would be the most crowded with individuals praying on the very first day of 2012, but it is a convention within my family to worship about this day,” he described.

Tibetans also required to the web to set of their Year encounters. A netizen using the screen title “Bu-Bi” stated on Sina Weibo, China’s same as Twitter, it required him a lot more than five hrs to operate his way with the crowds and finish a trip to Jokhang Temple.

“Hekeledemaomaoyu” similarly tweeted it required her four hrs to complete climbing the steps before Potala Place today, such were the amount of pilgrims and site visitors towards the site.

Vacationers also published online that lots of local restaurants in Lhasa were closed on Monday. They might only battle their hunger in junk food retailers.

Prayer flags is visible everywhere in Lhasa, from temples to roofs of folk houses.

Named “Lung-rta” in Tibetan language, a homophone for “Luck,” the flags are imprinted Buddhist scriptures. Tibetans think that once the flags are blown by wind, the scriptures are chanted simultaneously.

Tibetans living elsewhere in the united states also bought in to the festive spirit.

Dharma instruments were blared in Kumbum Monastery in Xining, capital of Qinghai Province, on Monday morning, as Tibetan followers spinning prayer wheels chanted sutras because they walked round the temple in worship.[db:内容2]

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