Chilean leader to reform college accreditation agency

SANTIAGO, Jan. 2 — Chilean Leader Sebastian Pinera Wednesday introduced he would abolish the federal government agency responsible for vetting colleges within the wake of the recent bribery and corruption scandal including top authorities.

“We will sign an invoice to abolish the nation’s Commission for College Accreditation because it didn’t fulfill its role, it didn’t guarantee quality or rectitude,” he stated.

Consequently from the commission’s failure, “you will find colleges that aren’t supplying quality education, which is the government’s responsibility to make sure that all accredited colleges provide quality education,” he added.

Pinera didn’t say what, contrary, would switch the commission, which grew to become hooked in scandal following the agency’s top director was accused by Chilean legal government bodies of taking bribes in return for accrediting several private colleges.

A week ago, Chilean government bodies purchased the closing of Universidad del Marly, the place to find almost 20,000 students, after discovering a number of problems, including fake academic levels. However the college was accredited after proprietors compensated the commission mind millions in bribes.

Chile’s education crisis was initially outlined by mass student protests this year that saw the biggest demos since anti-government rallies from the military dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet a lot more than 2 decades ago.

Students happen to be demanding affordable and quality public education and also the finish of presidency subsidies web hosting schools.

The training crisis has affected the conservative government of Pinera, whose handling from the problem has eroded his recognition and marred the careers of countless of his top aides.

Two education ministers happen to be instructed to step lower. Justice Minister Teodoro Ribera has additionally resigned lately after he was uncovered as getting ties towards the commission’s director.[db:内容2]

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