Celebration of Cologne Carnival Rosy Monday extends into night

COLOGNE, Germany, March 3 — Celebrations extended into the night on Monday as the annual Cologne Carnival in Germany came to its climax marked by the Rosy Monday Parade.
The celebrations still continued in bars, restaurants and other places in Cologne in the evening, following a parade attended by about one million costumed visitors from all around the world on Monday.
The parade lasted about three and a half hours along a route of 7.5 km in downtown Cologne as the carnival, which has been considered as the “fifth season” of Cologne, is approaching the end.
“The carnival has become more and more popular over the years because the media, the bloggers are communicating all over the world,” said Sommer Josef, CEO of Cologne Tourism GmbH. “It is a unique festive event.”
The spectators, huddling against one another, lined along the touring route. While enjoying the music played by marching bands, they shouted slogans and tried to attract the attention of the people on the marching floats loaded with sweets, flowers and toys.
Some 700,000 bars and 220,000 boxes of chocolates, 300,000 bunches of flowers and thousands of soft toys and other small gifts were thrown to the crowds, a trademark of the Cologne Carnival, one the most known carnivals in the world.
The carnival, marked by more than 600 sessions, balls and parades this year, has turned out to be one of the most important festivals for people in Cologne to celebrate.
The Cologne Carnival is almost as old as the history of the city and the organized carnival celebrated today dates back more than 180 years, according to a press release of Cologne Tourism.
The Cologne Carnival usually kicks off on Nov. 11 each year and the Rosy Monday marks the climax of the celebration. Two days later, it came to an end on “Ash Wednesday”, when fish dinners are served in restaurants and pubs.[db:内容2]

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