Canadian university announces measures to address students’ offensive chant

VANCOUVER, Sept. 9 — The University of British Columbia announced measures on Monday to address students’ chant last week that promoted non-consensual sex.
The reported incident happened on a bus ride during the Sauder FROSH, a three-day orientation for the Sauder School of Business, organized by the school’s student organization Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS).
The university said it has launched a fact-finding team to look into the reports, and the Sauder faculty will be putting more emphasis on the curriculum related to respect, dignity and ethics.
Robert Helsley, dean of the Sauder School of Business, announced that the school will no longer support CUS FROSH events, saying that what has happened is deeply upsetting and is completely inconsistent with the values of the school and the university.
The reported chant triggered public criticism as the student leaders at Saint Mary’s University in the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia were caught on camera chanting for non-consensual underage sex during FROSH week.
Saint Mary’s University said last week that two student organizers will face a disciplinary hearing for violations against the Student Code of Conduct due to the use of abusive or offensive language or gestures at university-sponsored functions.[db:内容2]