Cambodia postpones exams for secondary school students due to mass protest

PHNOM PENH, Sept. 15 — Cambodia’s Ministry of Education on Sunday postponed an exam date for the secondary school students on concern over disruptions by ongoing mass protest organized by the opposition against the contested election results.
In a press statement, the ministry said the exam date scheduled on Sept. 16-17 was postponed to Sept. 26-27.
According to the ministry, more than 16,000 students throughout the country would have the exams to graduate their secondary schools.
The postponement announced Sunday as the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) launched a three-day mass protest in Phnom Penh against the July 28 election results that handed victory to the long-serving Prime Minister Hun Sen’s ruling party.
The National Election Committee (NEC) released the election results last Sunday, confirming that the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) won with 68 parliamentary seats and the CNRP of long- time opposition leader Sam Rainsy received the remaining 55 seats.
The CNRP rejected the results, claiming that its party should win 63 seats, with the CPP getting 60 seats if alleged irregularities during the poll were fairly investigated.
Sam Rainsy told about 20,000 supporters at the Freedom Park on Sunday morning that the party would boycott the opening session of the parliament on Sept. 23 if there was no a proper solution to the alleged irregularities during the election.
He said the mass protest would last for three days as makeshift tents had already set up at the park for protesters to sleep at nights.
After his speech, he led thousands of protesters to march on streets in the city.
There was a brief confrontation between police and protesters when some marchers tried to remove barbed wire barricades on banned roads, but anti-riot police did not react to the removal.[db:内容2]