Buying Eyeglasses in Beijing, Best Shopping Markets to Buy Eyeglasses in Beijing

Buying Eyeglasses in Beijng Glasses Market

Buying Eyeglasses in Beijng Glasses Market

As we all know, you can spend less money buying the same thing in China, so why not change your eyeglasses or just buy another pair for backup since you are in Beijing China.

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Buying Eyeglasses in Beijing Glasses City

Beijing Glasses City has the largest selection of direct to consumer eyeglasses in the world.

This collection of over 200 small shops is wholesalers for frame and lens manufacturers that supply most of the planet with eye wear. Many foreigners have visited these places in recent years and many expats shop here.

Click the link to get its locations in Beijing, how to get there, and what other things you can buy there.

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Beijing Glasses City

At the southeastern part of the Third Ring Road is a small, modest bystreet. The street ends at a four storey-building which is best described as a paradise for every four-eyed person.It is Beijing Glasses City.
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