Buying Clothes in Beijing, Best Beijing Shopping Markets to Buy Clothes

Buying Clothes in Beijing Shopping Markets

Buying Clothes in Beijing Shopping Markets

An outstanding characteristic of traditional Chinese clothing is not only an external expression of elegance, but also an internal symbolism. Each and every piece of traditional clothing communicates a vitality of its own.

Chinese traditional clothes
Interesting Chinese traditional clothes, right? Come to buy one to your wardrobe.

Today, fashion designers use a mixture of traditional and modern ideas to create new fashions. These new fashions also incorporate age-old motifs such as guardian deities, lions, and masks of Chinese opera characters.

high-fashion clothes
The high-fashion dress are not so expensive as the United States.

Besides the Chinese traditonal clothes, you can find the high-fashion brand clothes in Beijing, such as, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Adidas, Nike, etc.

Top 9 Beijing Shopping Markets to Buy Clothes

Below is a list of Beijing shopping markets where you can buy clothes.

Wangfujing Street 5 star

Wangfujing Street

Wangfujing is now considered as the central heart of Beijing City. It is the first modern-style commercial street in Beijing, about 800 meters long and on two sides of it standing many stores and malls. A walk from end to end would take you about 30 mins, and that’s without looking at any shops and malls.
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Beijing Xidan Shopping Area5 star

Beijing Xidan Shopping Area

Xidan, located in west of Tiananmen, mirroring the location of Wangfujing Mall which is on the east of Tiananmen, is one of the biggest business districts in Beijing. Xidan is more popular among local youth people, because its cheap, compared with Wangfujing Mall which is considered as a more expensive international shopping street.
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Beijing Hongqiao Market 5 star

Beijing Hongqiao Market

Actually, the name of Hongqiao Pearl Market is a little bit misleading, because it offers much more than just pearls in its four-story building, and provides everything from bags, shoes, clothes, silk, to seafood, and digital products.
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Wudaokou Clothing Market 5 star

Wudaokou Clothing Market

There is a popular clothing market in Beijing, not only for Chinese teenagers, but also for foreign people visiting or studying in the capital. This place is located near Wudaokou and took its name after its situation: Wudaokou Clothing Market Beijing.
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Beijing Silk Market 5 star

Beijing Silk Market

Beijing Silk Street High-rise, which draws lots of attentions, is open for the public on 19 March, 2005, replacing the infamous original outdoor Xiushui market. It has been a shopping center in Beijing.
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Beijing Yashow Market 5 star

Beijing Yashow Market

Yaxiu Market, also known as Ya show market, located on Chaoyang District, is an indoor 4-floor store, just like the Silk Market. It is the clothing bazaar for Beijing locals, so the prices are much lower.
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Beijing Yandai Xiejie5 star

Beijing Yandai Xiejie

Yandai Xiejie, located in an 800-year old hutong neighborhood that has not been bulldozed for the Olympics or otherwise, you can get a feel for an ancient neighborhood while browsing through antiquities, minority shops and art galleries.
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Beijing Nanluoguxiang5 star

Beijing Nanluoguxiang

As one of the best preserved historical areas of Beijing downtown, Nanluoguxiang is a great place to chill out and enjoy the surrounding architecture, as well as being one of the most chic and trendy places to hang out in the afternoons and evenings.
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Qianmen Street5 star

Qianmen Street

Located at the center of Beijing near Tiananmen Square, Qianmen Street, no more than 2 km long, has been a prosperous area for more than 600 years and has accumulated some long-standing stores.
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