Bucharest opens first ice supermarket for Christmas

BUCHAREST, Dec. 7 — The first ice supermarket has opened to the public in centre of Bucharest.
From this weekend to Christmas Eve, the Profi ice shop, installed in the central George Enescu Square, offers to customers more than 500 very diverse products, from food to clothes.
“This is the first ice shop in the world,”a girl clerk told Xinhua reporters at the entrance.
About 80 tonnes of transparent ice were artfully processed to become the walls and shelves of a shop covering 150 sq m.
The local resources of crystal clear ice are not enough and a considerable quantity of material had to be imported from Poland too, according to Profi Romania, part of a former Belgian supermarket chain bought by Polish Enterprise Fund VI and kept under PROFI brand, currently operating more than 170 stores across the country.
For the shop to be in perfect shape all along the project the temperature is kept at maximum minus 5 degrees Celsius and the more than 500 products on sale were selected carefully and will be placed by rotation so that they should be perfect at this low temperature.
“The temperature does not exceed minus 5 degrees Celsius during the day, and is kept at as low as minus 25 degrees at night, so the ice will not melt in the supermarket,” explained another girl clerk.
The shop is open daily from 15:00 to 22:00 and is wrapped in a canvas cover when closed, in order to maintain a low temperature.[db:内容2]

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