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Top 10 China Tours; Most Popular China Itineraries

So little time, such a vast country and so many places to see, the list of things to do for any China tour can seem endless. To give you a helping hand, we at TourBeijing.com have come up with what our seasoned experts believe to be the top iconic trips that exist on the Middle Kingdom.

NO.1from $1013China Impressions Tour

8 Days China Impressions Tour

First time & short of time? Great Choice!

8 Days Beijing, Xian & Shanghai Tour

China Impressions offers incredible value and is especially designed for those who are short of time, yet still wish to experience the highlights of China in one compact program.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. It includes the three world-everyone-knows destinations: Beijing, Xian & Shanghai;
  2. The experience is varied, covering historic wonders and man-made marvels;
  3. It’s at a reasonable price for the best service and no-forced shopping.
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NO.2from $1701Glories of China Tour

10 Days Glories of China Tour

Our Best Value Tour

10 Days Beijing, Xian, Guilin & Shanghai Tour

Our ‘Glories of China’ will truly captivate you – be enthralled with the culture, history and beauty of this immense land.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. It includes the best destinations of China: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai & Guilin;
  2. Wander through the streets of picturesque Yangshuo;
  3. Marvel at the mighty Terracotta Warriors in Xian;
  4. Be astounded by ancient sites in Shanghai and Beijing;
  5. Many of your fondest memories may be the simple things on the tour.
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NO.3from $1963Majestic Yangtze Tour

13 Days Majestic Yangtze Tour

A Tour That Sees Everything

13 Days Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian, Beijing & Yangtze River Tour

Combine the best of China with a relaxing cruise on the Yangtze River.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Take an in-depth look at the best of China;
  2. Have a up-close visit to the Giant Panda in the famous panda reserve in Chengdu;
  3. The highlight of this two-week tour is a four night cruise on the Yangtze River. Relax, unwind and enjoy!
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NO.4from $2813Silk Road Explorer Tour

10 Days Silk Road Explorer Tour

Follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo

10 Days Xian, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi & Kashgar Tour

Follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo and discover the history of the Silk Road.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Visit ancient forts and desert oases, walk on the far western end of the Great Wall;
  2. Experience the famous Sunday Market in Kashgar.
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NO.5from $2761China & Yunnan Tour

14 Days China & Yunnan Tour

Unique Folkways, Colorful Clothes, Dancing, Festivals…

14 Days Shanghai, Yunnan, Xian & Beijing Tour

Experience the wonderfully diverse and picturesque Yunnan Province.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. A tour that sees everything: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Yunnan;
  2. Kunming is the gateway to the wonderfully diverse Yunnan Province and home to the Stone Forest with its impressive limestone columns;
  3. The highlight of this tour is the historic city of Lijiang with its cobbled streets and attractive waterways. Also visit the impressive Tiger Leaping Gorge.
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NO.6from $950China Garden & River Tour

5 Days China Garden & River Tour

Venice of East

5 Days Suzhou & Hangzhou Tour from Shanghai

Jiangnan, the South Area of Yangzte River Delta, is considered as the ancient culture root of China.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. This tour offers you an opportunity to soak in the most classical atmosphere by water;
  2. The classical gardens, whitewash walls and black-tiled roof along the canal, exquisite bridges and cobblestone streets, villages in the misty rain;
  3. Stroll in ancient water towns with artistic stone arch bridges and dwellings;
  4. Unwind yourself at traditional gardens full of classic Chinese aesthetics.
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NO.7from $3021China & Mystical Tibet Tour

15 Days China & Mystical Tibet Tour

Your Tibet Dream is not that far!

15 Days Shanghai, Guilin, Chengdu, Lhasa, Xian & Beijing Tour

Mysterious and remote, Tibet is a dream for spiritual seekers, adventurers and curious travelers. It’s said that here, in every mountain lives a God and every river has a myth; It’s believed that your sincere wish can reach Heaven.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Delve into Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse, which offer you a complete taste of Tibet’s religion, cultural treasures, and dreamlike landscape;
  2. Experience the wonders of Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai;
  3. Up close visit the adorable pandas in Chengdu.
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NO.8from &2187Sichuan Explorer

11 Days Sichuan Explorer

Delight all who visit!

11 Days Chengdu, Dazu, Mt.Emei & Jiuzhai Valley Tour

China remains a nation of diverse landscapes and cultures. Join us on this incredible tour through the province of Sichuan. The scenery and culture you will encounter along the way will surprise you.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Jiuzhai Valley(Jiuzhaigou): refers to the nine Tibetan villages that are situated within the valley;
  2. Huanglong Valley has some of the most stunning scenery in the world;
  3. Mt.Emei is regarded as one of Buddhism’s most sacred and China’s most remarkable mountains.
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NO.9from $2300China & Hong Kong Tour

11 Days China & Hong Kong Tour

The contrast of China

11 Days Hong Kong, Guilin, Shanghai, Xian & Beijing Tour

Hong Kong, a city that conjures up many different images: stunning modern architecture, a magnificent harbor, friendly people, abundant shopping and an endless array of restaurants and cuisines.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Get a taste of China’s tradition and modern, antiquity and fashion;
  2. Ancient capitals bring you back into the 5,000 years to learn the dynastic changes, glory and loss;
  3. You’ll experience the contrast of the past and present of China.
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NO.10from $327Classic Beijing Tour

4 Days Classic Beijing Tour

Our best value Beijing city tour

4 Days Beijing City Tour

Join us on this Beijing tour to get under the ancient skin of this rapidly developing city, experience local life and customs and be amazed by the food and vibrant culture of today’s China.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. It takes in all the iconic sights and cultural explorations;
  2. Have a back street hutong bike tour;
  3. Indulge in traditional foot massage.
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