Belgian zoo owner set to host Chinese pandas

Eric Domb, president of Belgian zoo Pairi Daiza, with pictures of his VIP guests. The very important pandas are scheduled to arrive at the zoo in spring. — Belgian zookeeper Eric Domb and his team have been in state of what could be described as pandemonium for months as they prepare for two pandas scheduled to arrive in spring.
Domb said he is working round the clock to build a cozy home for the “China ambassadors” and guarantee that the special guests lack for nothing over the next 15 years, the allotted time span agreed by the governments in September for the animals to stay in Belgium.
“We feel huge responsibility to host them and see them breed,” Domb said in his office as he held photos of the four-year-old pandas, Hao Hao and Xing Hui.
The zoo, Pairi Daiza, which means enclosed garden in ancient Persian, is situated about 60 km south of Brussels.
A classic Chinese garden, the biggest in Europe, has been built inside its walls and the panda venue, including day and night chambers, is located inside the garden and covers 6,500 square meters. Their night chambers cover 17 square meters. Their private chambers give each panda about 40 square meters.
Chinese and local workers are busy constructing the panda home, which is set to cost 8 million euros [db:内容2]