Beijing Wudaokou Clothing Market, Buying clothes in Wudaokou market Beijing

Shopping in Beijing Wudaokou Market

Shopping in Beijing Wudaokou Market

The most popular clothing market in Beijing is located near Wudaokou(五道口)which serves both Chinese and Foriegn guest is Wudaokou Clothing Market.

Causal wears
Beijing Wudaokou clothing market mainly offers the casual wears, such as, jeans, T-shirts, caps, etc.

Wudaokou Map
Location Map to Beijing Wudaokou

The Wudaokou clothing market mainly offers casual wear: jeans, cotton T-shirts, caps, and shoes. But you will also find accessories such as bags, cosmetics, and nail polish.

The Wudaokou area contains a particularly large number of students, which explains the popularity of Wudaokou Clothing Market amongst them. Therefore, the range of clothes is also targeted especially towards students.

The market is not the biggest in town, but the two floors are jam-packed with clothes, shoes and accessories. Many of the clothes are of the hipper/trendier kind and you will seldom find the same clothes in two different shops.

Should you get tired of shopping you can head up to the top floor and get your nails painted for just a small sum. You can also find a few odd shops selling jewellery, sunglasses, posters, and simple electronics such as MP3-players, etc.

What to buy in Wudaokou market?

You can buy many things there, most buyer will feel happy about the Korean design, bargaining,other fashion design, bigger-size items for overseas clients. Generally, in the market you will find:

  • Fashionable and discount clothes, bags, shoes.
  • Jewellery, sunglasses, posters.
  • Electronics such as MP3-players.

high-fashion clothes
The high-fashion dress are not so expensive as the United States.

Fashion Clothes, Bags, Sunglasses, Mp3
Fashion Clothes, Bags, Sunglasses, Mp3

Location: No.261 Beisihuan Zhonglu, Haidian district
Opening hours: Daily 9am – 7pm

How to get there?

The market is located at the North 4th Ring Rd Middle, near Beijing University and Zhongguancun electronic market. If you want to go there by Subway Line 10, you just need to arrive at the nearest station: Xitucheng. And it just cost you 13 minutes to walk to Wudaokou Clothing Market. Or you can take subway line 13 and get off at the Wudaokou stop.

A Wudaokou Clothing Market Virtual Tour

Enter the market, and you will see all sorts of clothes on display on the 1st floor. Decorative items are found on the 2nd floor. Many store owners greet prospective clients in Chinese, Korean, and English.

The market is divided in three sections: Southern, Central, and Northern. Each comprises four aisles. Stroll around for a while, and you cannot but be soon ravished by the variety of clothing styles.

There is a shop which offered jeans, sweaters, and shirts in the Korean style. According to the pretty shop owner, their selection is manufactured in Guangzhou but designed in Korea. She recommended a pair of deep-blue jeans of a good making priced at RMB 190, and explained that many Korean girls often come back to her shop.

Another shop, located on the 1st floor is impressive. Its Korean owner and his two assistants could speak Chinese and Korean fluently, and some English. Most of their selection was girls wear. The shop offers a few large-size T-shirts well suited to Western customers.


  • Shopkeepers and Atmosphere: Few shopkeepers speak English but they are friendly and not very intrusive. Many of the passages between the shops are narrow, so on afternoons and weekends it can get quite crowded at the market.
  • Having a Rest:The Wudaokou market is so big; it takes in general 4 to 5 hours to visit
    it entirely. When you feel exhausted, there are a few snack eateries
    outside of the market. They offer Malatang (a kind of Chinese food),
    Zicaibaofan (a Korean snack), and Zhachoudoufu( a kind of traditional
    Chinese snack).
  • Bargaining:Wudaokou shop owners accept bargaining with you. In
    general, prices for casual wear range from RMB 80 to RMB 500, and
    T-shirts and shoes sell for between RMB 50 and RMB 200. Accessories and
    baubles can be found for anywhere between RMB 10 and RMB 200.
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