Beijing Theme Tour Packages – Bike, Culture, Culinary, Family & Hiking Tours

Beijing Theme Tours (all private tours)

Beijing Theme Tours (all private tours)

Why a Beijing Theme Tour?

There are endless great activities and things Beijing has to offer, but you can’t afford it physically and monetarily.

Therefore, we custom the Beijing theme tours, which offers certain special activities for traveler’s personal interests.

In this way, you will have the opportunity to see Beijing best from your unique angle, and never be tied to a rigid itinerary and see the popular sites everyone rushes to. You’ll just see and do the things and activities that really impress you.

Our Top 5 Best-Selling Beijing Theme Tours

Beijing Tours with Special Themes and Activities

Remeber, we are not able to know each tourist’s personal travel interests, so the tours below are also bases to perfect and customize your special Beijing theme tour. Just tell what you want, and we’ll take care of the rest, tailor-making a Beijing theme tour per your special interests and needs.

Autumn Tours

Explore Beijing at its best; enjoy red leaves, spectacular great wall, etc.

Culture Tours

Get to know and learn Beijing and Chinese cultures.

VIP Private Tours

A tour more private, educational, flexible, personal and enjoyable.

Great Wall Tours

Hiking different great wall sections as the spotlight.

Hutong Tours

Focus on touring Beijing Hutongs by walking, rickshaw, biking, etc.

Night Tours

night entertainments: Peking opera, Kungfu Show, Acrobatics, Houhai bars,

Bike Tours

An experience of biking around the Beijing downtown and highlights;

Spa Tours

A total relaxation after exhausting hiking tours, body and heart purification.

Cooking Tours

Focus on learning to make Chinese food.

Museum Tours

Learn the history of Beijing and Chinese more by visiting the Museums.

Village Tours

Visit the Beijing suburbs and villages, best for the usual Beijing visitors.

Kids Tours

Many entertainments for your kids; have fun by playing in amusement parks.

Mid-Autumn Festival Tours

Enjoy a real Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with US!

Family Tours

Customized tours for you and your family.

Tailor-made a Beijing Tours
Have a question? Want to tailor a Beijing tour? Want to plan a Beijing trip?

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