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Beijing Excursion Guide

Beijing Excursion Guide

Our Beijing excursion guide is made for the ones who have visited the City’s spotlights attractions and would like to get out of the city for one or two days.

The excursions we have provided for you include: Great Wall hiking excursion, spa excursion, bicycling excursion, and Beijing night excursion, etc.

Beijing Bicycling Excursions

Beijing Bike Excursions

When was the last time you took your bicycle out for a ride in the park, or a challenge of endurance along snaky mountain paths? Can’t remember? Well, perhaps, it’s time to prove that you can still do it!

Besides, Beijing is a ‘Bicycle Kingdom’ and has many bicycle paths. Just come to see and explore the Imperial City by riding a nice bike shoulder to shoulder with the locals.

We have helped you pick the most scenic and attractive routes in Beijing for cycling.

Great Wall Hiking Excursions

Great Wall Hiking Excursion

Would you rather explore some spectacular views on your own? Do you prefer wandering in the woods? Are you more of a nature-lover? Then, you should definitely consider hiking and trekking in Beijing.

Hiking expedition of Great Wall is the most recommended tour for you. You will achieve something really big. You will ‘boast’ about it to your friends and store it in your treasure box.

Beijing Spa Excursions

Great Wall Hiking Excursion

Do you feel kind of stretched by the routine and in need of bringing your spirit and mind back to harmony? Then, perhaps, you’d like to escape from the bustle and clamor of civilization to the tranquil and comfy milieu of a spa resort.

For you, we got a load of spa and Great Wall hiking, ski, or target shooting excursion packages, with many reinvigorating features.

Beijing Night Excursions

Beijing Night Excursions

Want to explore Beijing City when it sparkles? Do you know that some landmarks in Beijing are much more beautiful than that in the day, like the Bird Nest, Water Cube, Beijing CBD & SOHO Business street, Ancient City Wall, Tiananmen Square, Changan Street, and Houhai Bar Street. Or, are you interested in Beijing Opera, Kung Fu Show, Local Snacks, and old Beijing culture? Would like to have a drink in the Houhai bars?

Let’s start a Beijing Night Excursion!

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