Baoguosi Culture Market

Baoguosi Culture Market  The term “Baoguosi” means Baoguo Temple or serving the countries temple. The term was introduced in the Liao Dynasty (916-1125.  Baoguo Si was a Buddhist temple and during the Ming Dynasty, it was used to house members of the royal family.  By the early Qing dynasty, the temple had already been turned into a popular bazaar for books and flowers. So Baoguosi Temple during these times is more like antique marketplace than a temple.  Although it still bears the appearance of a temple, two of the three halls are used either as warehouses or showrooms.  With its current name, Baoguosi Culture Market, souvenirs and gifts can be purchased here as well as jade and numerous cultural relics.Baoguosi Culture Market  Baoguosi Culture Market / Chinese Name: 报国寺文化市场  Tel: 6303-0976  Opening Hours: 8:30am-5pm  Public Transport: Take bus 42, 57, 410, 617 or 620 and get off at Guanganmen Station

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