Asians lead growing ethnic diversity in New Zealand

WELLINGTON, Dec. 10 — New Zealand now has more ethnic groups than there are countries in the world, with the Chinese and Indians joining the five largest groups in this year’s census results, the government statistics agency announced Tuesday.
The five largest ethnic groups were New Zealand European, Maori, Chinese, Samoan and Indian, while the smallest included Greenlander, Sardinian and Latin American Creole, according to Statistics New Zealand.
Some of the biggest increases since the last census in 2006 came from groups within the broader Asian category, spearheaded by the Chinese, whose population rose by 16 percent to 171,000, Indian — An exhibition on ethnic scripts showcasing China’s multi-ethnic culture debuted Tuesday at the UN headquarters.
Sponsored by China’s permanent mission to the UN and the Chinese National Museum of Ethnology, the three-day event presents more than 50 different ways of writing “he”, or peace and harmony, which is not only the essence of traditional Chinese culture, but a common goal for mankind.Full Story
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