Asian languages priority for Australian kids

SYDNEY, May 14 — The federal government Monday released a draft curriculum of Indonesian, Korean and French languages for public consultation — another step forward in their plan for every Australian student to study an Asian language.
The release follows a previous round of curriculum consultations covering the priority languages of Mandarin, Hindi, Indonesian and Japanese.
“We’ve already consulted on the Chinese Mandarin and Italian curricula and this is the next step towards rolling out the full languages Australian Curriculum over the next few years,” said School Education Minister Peter Garrett.
“Along with Indonesian as a priority language, the study of Korean will also help build stronger understanding and links with our neighbours,” Garrett added.
The plan follows the government’s commitments laid out in the 2012 Australia in the Asian Century White Paper, including the aim for every student to have significant exposure to studies of Asia to increase their cultural knowledge.
Trade Minister Craig Emerson, who is also responsible for Tertiary Education and Asian Century Policy, said Asian languages would help unlock career opportunities for coming generations.
“Languages give insights into other cultures, which can translate into career and business opportunities,” Emerson said.
The next languages to be released for consultation will be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, Modern Greek, Spanish and Vietnamese on May 20, followed by Arabic, German and Japanese on May 27.
Consultations will remain open until 25 July 2013.[db:内容2]

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