Ancient pagoda closed to public over leaning

TAIYUAN, Oct. 10 — China’s tallest ancient brick pagoda, Wenfeng, in the northern Shanxi Province, has been closed to the public as it has begun to lean dangerously, the local cultural relics bureau said on Thursday.
The 85 meter-tall Wenfeng Pagoda is located in Fenyang City of Shanxi. Constructed more than 400 years ago, between the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, it is the highest existing brick pagoda of its kind in the country.
“As the top of the pagoda is 1.7 meters out of line with the base’s center, and has sank down 0.32 meters, visitors are prohibited from climbing for safety reason,” said Li Shili, head of the bureau of cultural relics and tourism of Fenyang City.
Li said that the bureau has submitted a report on the situation to superior departments so they can take action to maintain the pagoda.[db:内容2]