Albania celebrates Summer Day Festival

TIRANA, March 14 — The people of Albania celebrated the Summer Day on Friday to celebrate the end of winter, the rebirth of nature and a rejuvenation of spirit.
The Summer Day’s origin is at the Cermenika Fairy Sanctuary, built in Shkumbin (Elbasan). She was the goddess of hunting, forests and all nature.
According to the story, this fairy came out the sanctuary only on March 14. This popular celebration was a tradition that today identifies the city of Elbasan, known for special cultural traditions.
Elbasan had dozens of thousands visitors on the Summer Day, who gathered to watch concerts and carnivals organized in the city.
The flowers, the symbol of this celebration, were the center of this day, followed with the traditional “ballakume” of Elbasan.
A novelty for the Summer Day was the fair with Albanian goods, which has joined businesses of all Albanian lands, accompanied by the city’s ensemble.
“Summer day, the most beautiful traditional holiday for all Albanians and across our state borders, is a celebration of the optimism and hopes coming with the revival of nature,” Albanian President Bujar Nishani congratulated to the Albanian people.
Prime Minister Edi Rama visited Friday in Elbasan the Summer Day Fair, encouraging Albanian citizens to look more to their talent and skills, to start a small business or engage in private sector.
“Our fight against unemployment is focused on providing new spaces for the private sector, creating jobs through private enterprises, on providing support, new policies, ideas and energies,” Rama was quoted as saying by local media.[db:内容2]

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