Acrobatic couple roll to Wuqiao Circus Festival

BEIJING, Oct. 29 — Two performers participating in the event have an unusual working relationship, in that they are a couple-lucky, considering how close they have to work with one another.
The emotive ballad strikes up and the “Duo Single Wheel” starts spinning. Cesar Andrade and Melanie Nunes, two performers from France and Brazil, are demonstrating their impressive stunts as the big wheel rolls across the stage. They of course need to be totally in sync with one another.
The couple recall why they decided to roll their show out on the road.
Cesar Andrade & Melanie Nunes, Circus Artists, said, “We were in Brazil in a festival, we saw it and felt maybe what’s what we should do.”
“We met in love. We fell in love in that show. We fell in love for that wheel. Now thanks to the wheel we are still in love… So this is like our marriage ring.”
Melanie used to be a gymnast, Cesar an acrobatic performer. The couple have been married for five years and this is their first time in Shijiazhuang, taking part in the Wuqiao International Circus Festival.
“We didn’t come with expectation. We came wanted to have fun, enjoy, meet great artists, see a great show, and enjoy the beautiful China.” Cesar Andrade & Melanie Nunes said.
The festival kicked off last Saturday and runs until this Sunday.

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