41st Festival International Cervantino kicks off in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 9 — The 41st Festival International
Cervantino (FIC) kicked off in Guanajuato in central Mexico

FIC is one of the most important artistic events in Latin
America and the world. Some 3,580 artists from 31 nations will
present more than 540 performances to audience on Oct.9-27 in
Guanajuato, as well as in other cities and Mexican states,
according to an official release.

China has delegations attending this year’s festival, with
performances from the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Beijing Tao Dance
Troupe and Chongqing Art Troupe during the 19-day celebration.

Various kinds of performances, including music, dance, painting,
sculpture, opera and film will be on offer throughout the festival,
Maria Cristina Garcia Cepeda, director of the Institute of Fine
Arts, said at the opening ceremony.

The FIC wants to offer the public the opportunity to interact
with the best contemporary artists worldwide, Cepeda said, on
behalf of the National Council for Culture and the Arts.

According to Cepeda, this year’s festival will not only have
performances in traditional venues such as museums, temples,
squares, and parks, but also in non-traditional forums including
schools, prisons and asylums, in order to share the arts with a
wider audience.

The FIC President Jorge Volpi said that one of the main
intentions of Cervantes in this new era is to get closer to the
public and become a bridge between new audiences and culture.

“The festival aims to reflect on how we can continue to
transform our society to make it more fair and equitable,
understanding art as a vehicle for collective transformation,”
Volpi said. End item[db:内容2]