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Spanish Senate declares bullfighting to be cultural patrimony

7()–The Spanish Senate has declared that the tradition of bullfighting as Cultural Patrimony of Spain in an act which has highlighted the deep divisions of opinion over the practice e. The final stage of a bullfight sees the matador with a red cape perform a series of passes with the animal before killing it with by piercing it through the heart with a steel sword.

Xinhuanet Interview with Professor Arnoud De Meyer President of Singapore Management University

It is easy for a small country like Singapore to attract a lot of foreigners. They have actually taught us a lot about how to manage the place. I did quite a lot of research on innovation management in this part of the world. It is a very competitive environment with very good graduates here. But I basically tell them that this is a great opportunity to learn a lot. The physical infrastructure has changed a lot t. So the education level has changed a lot,and the sophistication of the economy has changed a lot t. But education,infrastructure and the entertainment and arts scene have changed a lot and improved a lot t.

Tujia traces origin to “white tiger” of lore

White tiger worship is quite significant among the group as they call themselves“Offspring of the White Tiger. He gained respect and esteem of his people and he turned into a white tiger after his death h. Statues of white tigers can still be found in homes of most Tujia families as a protector. And the white tiger worship also can be seen in their wedding decorations and traditional dances s. Baishou dance is done in a traditional collective performance that Tujia people often present on festivals like at the new year r. It is also a good opportunity for young people to make friends and find love.