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British sculptor, architect join winners list for int’l arts award

Gormley explained to what lay behind his works,many of which have caught the public imagination such as’The Angel of the North’which has been accepted as a symbol of post-industrial regeneration for a whole region n. It is quintessentially the art of participation and collective identification and in a sense since(Marcel)Duchamp the energy has always been in taking the bicycle wheel from the street and putting it in the gallery,

Kandy: ancient capital of Sri Lanka, center for Buddhism

Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka in 236 BC and soon became the national religion. For 2,500 years, Sri Lanka has been the Sukhavati, or an important center for Pure Land Buddhism. And the city of Kandy, the last royal capital of Sri Lanka, lies at its core.For more than 2,500 years, every day in Kandy has begun with Buddhist chanting at temples across the city.

Sydney launches summer celebration of aboriginal culture

Entwining aboriginal culture within modern Australia and sharing its mystery and beauty is one of the objectives of Corroboree Sydney,an event that not only heightens awareness and appreciation of the key role aboriginal culture plays in the identity of Sydney,but will deliver about 21 million Australian dollars in direct economic benefits over the next three years s.

Xinhua Insight: Relic protection slows modernization in ancient Kaifeng

Amid the national campaign to improve the living standards of urban residents in run-down areas,Kaifeng initiated shantytown rebuilding in 2008,hoping to help relocate residents from shabby houses to bright apartments. They are dotted around among local dwellers’self-constructed homes in the city’s run-down areas. Such sites have left real estate developers unable to bulldoze every building and make new ones on an empty lot t.