11th Rhodes Forum opens with calling for new development paradigm

RHODES,Greece, Oct. 3 — The 11th World Public Forrum “Dialogue of Civilizations” (Rhodes Forum) stages its opening plenary meeting on Thursday on the Greek island of Rhodes with the calling for a new stable development paradigm as the mankind and its environment are experiencing tectonic changes.
Addressing about 600 delegates from 60 countries and regions, Rhodes Forum Founding President Vladimir Yakunin said the development of “the so-called western developed countries is based only on ever greater consumption”, so without an abrupt sharp increase in consumption, this type of capitalism will wither away and cease its existence.
Yakunin said it is apparent that immediate changes are necessary for the existing paradigm and the evolutionary transformation looks considerably more preferable than all the rest of the variants.
According to Yakunin, the platform for the transit to the new paradigm must be a consensus adopted by the majority of the existing civilizations and countries.
He said all the contemporary civilizations, including Chinese civilization, Russian civilization, Anglo-Saxon civilization and Latin American civilization, are becoming centers of future regional build-up of a new paradigm.
“I would suggest calling the emerging world order not a paradigm of mankind’s survival, but rather a paradigm for the steadfast stable development of the whole of mankind,” Yakunin stressed.
The participants, including 12 scholars from China, will address the current global challenges in international politics, economics, social relations and culture in the forum’s plenary sessions and roundtable discussions which will last until Oct. 6.
The forum was co-founded by Yakunin with C. Kapur of India and N. Papanikolao from Greece/United States.
It unites various nongovernmental organizations, representatives of public and state institutions, civil society organizations and faith-based groups, academics, members of diverse civilizations and cultural traditions, and individuals.
The main goals of the forum are to protect the spiritual and cultural values of humankind and to create a space for constructive dialogue among the major civilizations of the modern world.
The first annual session of the forum took place in September 2003 on Rhodes, about 430 km southeast of the capital Athens.[db:内容2]